• Sweep or vacuum floors first to collect crumbs and dirt before damp mopping. Start washing the floor in the farthest corner of the room and work your way towards the door.
  • Use a cloth on the end of a mop handle to reach the narrow space between appliances.
  • A plastic hair brush or hair pick will straighten the fringe on area carpets. Comb the carpet fringe in a direction away from the centre of the carpet.
  • Vacuum or sweep the bathroom floor to collect any loose hair, dust and dirt prior to washing the floor. Remove mats, wastebaskets and any other items sitting on the floor that may get in the way.
  • Ensure that the correct vacuum attachment is used for the specific floor surface you are cleaning.
  • To reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents, place anti-slip backing under rugs.
  • Place a mat inside and outside each entrance to your home to reduce the dirt that is brought in on shoes and boots.
  • Protect your floors and furniture by preventing surface damage. Never set wet cloths, bottles, buckets, or damp mops on furniture, hardwood floors, carpet or marble.
  • Look underneath the furniture before vacuuming so the vacuum does not pick up small items such as toys, jewellery, coins, etc.


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