Professional mop plastic wringer (cod. 4100 P)










 Sign panel                                              Double bucket 15 lt (cod. 1085 A)

sign panel

double bucket



Product Details
Sign panel equipped with 2 sign-disks





Product Details
15 lt. double bucket equipped with wringing sieve.
Standard colour: blue



Aluminium handle (cod. 4422)

alum handle1alum handle2









Product Details
Alum. handle Ø 23,5 - 140 cm. (screw)






Dust tool (foam)                                                               Electrostatic dust cloth


electrostatic cloth











Folding plastic frame "Elparoll"                                           Flat mop "Microfibre"
(cod. 3502)                                                                    with abrasive - velcro bottom

 folding frameflat mop







 Product Details
Size 40cm and 60 cm

Product Details
Folding plastic frame "Elparoll"
(45 cm.) 



Flat mop "Elparoll" microfibre (cod.3504)

flat mop elparol1flat mop elparol2


Product Details
Flat mop "Elparoll" microfibre (45x10)






Trapeze plastic velcro frame 40cm                       Folding Wet & Dry velcro frame 40cm
             (cod. 7033)                                                         (stainless steel) trapeze framewet dry velero frame(cod.7083)









Folding Dry Mop Frame                                   Synthetic flat mop with pockets

drymop framesynthetic mop











Hand scrubber (cod. 4090)                                  Handle with abrasive pad hand scrubberhandle pad(cod. 4079)








 Plastic floor squeegee

 plastic squeege


Product Details
Wax applicator Jumbo-Wax 1,7 lt with different frames
In 35cm. 45cm, 55 cm, 75 cm












Kentucky mop holder

kentuky holder






Buckets and plastic components




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