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XTRACT melamine floor pads are made of an open-cell polymeric foam that produces outstanding results when cleaning floors.

• Effectively cleans VCT, Terrazzo, Tile, Concrete and Epoxy floors
• Removes black marks from floors
• Restores tile and grout without using harsh chemicals
• Reduces overall cleaning costs
• Available in standard round floor pads, rectangular for oscillating equipment and 4.5" x 10" utility pads

The incredible cleaning properties of melamine foam create an unusually high level of friction when introduced to the floor. It is important to add water, a neutral cleaning solution or a degreaser to both the floor pad and to the floor in order to reduce friction upon startup.

• Apply non woven pad driver side of melamine floor pad to floor cleaning machine, white melamine side facing down toward floor
• Be sure to check machine pressure to avoid premature wear of pad
• Avoid rough uneven surfaces which can wear out pad quickly


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