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C032HAND SAFE   Catering & Food grade Sanitiser Hand Soap       C032

Description Bactericidal Rich deep cleansing lather. Free from solvents and harsh chemicals. Helps to protect against skin infections.

Application Suitable for all industries where a mild yet effective soap is required, including: Engineering, garages, building trade, foundries, janitorial, hospitals, schools, textile, printing works etc. but especially for the food industry and catering trade where a sanitizing soap is essential.

Directions Wet hands, dispense a small amount of Hand Safe onto hands, wash thoroughly, rinse and dry carefully.

5 Liter container








Trust S Alcohol Hand Sanitizer                   C053

Description Proven tokill Influenza Type A Flu Virus Effective against Avian and Swine flu virusesKills 99.999% of E-Coli and MRSA

Application Trust S has been developed to meet the requirements of the food, catering and hospitality industries. Trust S is quick acting, non-tainting food safe alcohol hand rub approved to both BS EN 1500 and BS EN 1276.Non-sticky and non-tainting with built in skin conditioners, Trust S is and equally suitable for frequent use in medical and care service applications.

Directions Apply to clean hands and rub together until dry. No need to rinse. Do not swallow. Do not apply to broken skin.

1 Liter container

450ml with trigger

100ml with sprayer











HAND CARE luxury pearlised hand soap C033

Description Mild, rich deep cleansing lather. Suitable for use through wall mounted dispenser units. Fresh floral perfume. Ideal for use as a body shampoo. Does not form a scum in hard water.

Application The universal hand cleaner. Extremely effective as a toilet soap. Mild enough for general use with extra emulsifying powers for grease and grime removal.

Directions   For grease and light oil removal apply Hand Care to hands, rub well in, then rinse and dry thoroughly. For normal washing wet hands apply a small amount of product and wash in the normal way.

5 Liter container







FOAMING HAND WAC213SH             C213

Description A high foaming hand cleanser, mild enough for general hand washing. This luxury soap is the ideal product for use in hotels, washrooms, bathrooms, powder rooms, offices and commercial premises where a quality skin cleanser is required.

Directions For general washing wet hands first before application of product from foaming dispenser, then wash in the normal way.

5 Liter container










CITRASEL citrus based beaded jell hand cleaner   C051

DescriptionFormulated from natural citrus oils and biodegradable emulsifiers to be environmentally friendly. Polyethylene beads for thorough yet gentle cleaning action. Contains no harsh chemicals - formulated to be kind to the skin. Easy to use: Easy to apply: Easy to rinse off. The easy way to really clean hands. Completely free from petroleum solvents.

Application   Citrasel is suitable for use in all engineering shops, vehicle repairers, factories etc wherever hands are soiled with industrial grime and grease.

DirectionsApply a small quantity of Citrasel directly to the hands. Rub well in paying special attention to areas of ingrained grime and under nails etc. Rinse off well with clean water and dry hands thoroughly. N.B. Regular use of K23 Aerosol Barrier Cream or M105 Barrier Cream before starting work will protect hands from the harmful additives in modern oils and greases and make their removal easier.

5 Liter container






APPLE fresh pearlised hand soap cleaner   C082

Description Apple fresh pearlised hand soap is specially formulated for washroom environments. This universal hand cleaner is extremely effective as a toilet soap and mild enough for general use with extra emulsifying powers for grease and grime removal

5 Liter container













Description Mild, strongly fragranced shower gel suitable for use on both body and hair.

Application Hair and body shower gel.

Directions Apply a small amount and apply working into a lather. Rinse thoroughly.

5 Liter container





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