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DUPLEX S.r.l. was founded in the 1980's by a company originally founded in 1953, aimed at the construction of precision electronic and electro-mechanical appliances.
Thanks to its technical experience acquired during these years, and thanks to the commitment of its highly specialized staff, it has successfully designed and constructed products of ever greater technological complexity.

sampleDuplex International srl, a firm with 30 years experience in manufacturing quality professional floor cleaning machines, has developed the simplest and best value solution to cleaning escalators and travelators.
Our escalator cleaning machines are fitted with a patented guide rail system to allow safe operation whilst the escalator or travelator is in motion. Their brushes, designed after consultation with major escalator manufacturers, reach fully into the tracks, cleaning where dirt accumulates, without damaging the surface.

scalamobile2The machines work quickly in two modes. In dry mode the dust accumulated in treads is swept away by the high speed brushes. In scrubbing mode minimal water and detergent is used to bring the finish back to escalators or travelators within two or three passes.
The machines are able to clean to the edge on both sides of an escalator/travelator. After an initial deep clean all following cleans become quicker and easier. Both up and down escalators can be cleaned in just a few passes, so there is no need to close the escalators for long periods or clean outside of operating hours.

Duplex quality
Duplex Escalator/Travelator machines are made with a die cast aluminum case and frame, and the internal gears run on stainless steel sealed bearings.
The motor is single phase induction and is rated for continuous running. It is sealed against steam and chemicals used during the cleaning process. The synthetic rubber pick up belts and rollers are also chemical resistant.


Download Duplex Escalators Brochure (PDF)




Duplex Escalator Base - Escalator Cleaner

1base350The Duplex Escalator Base is a compact machine for cleaning any moving escalator or mobile walkway. It can be used in dry mode for sweeping, or with a detergent solution for washing.
The Duplex Escalator Base, combined with any dry or wet extractor (not included), can be used for thoroughly sweeping and cleaning the steps (dry or wet): surface dirt and dust are collected in its container without leaving any residue.
After the entire surface has been swept, the machine dispenses a detergent solution from its stainless steel tanks, thus removing any stubborn dirt and encrustations in the grooves.


• The patented homing guidance base, with its grooved wheels, keeps the machine on track in the working position.
• This is the only dual action machine with a washing cycle action which can be reversed simply by inverting the position of the handle.
• The Duplex Escalator Base is supplied with a compact trolley for easy transport.
• Lightweight and easy to handle.
• Available in 35 cm and 55 cm widths.



Duplex Escalator Professional

Escalator350professionalThe Duplex Escalator Professional features special brushes which rotate to drive the bristles deep into the surface grooves, raise the dry dirt and dust and collect it in the extractor.
The first step is dry sweeping; then, Duplex Escalator Professional automatically dispenses the detergent solution in the dispenser with its pressure pump and filter.
The detergent acts in combination with the graded brushes to dissolve the grime, grease and any remaining dirt, including encrustations, still in the grooves.
The steps, completely cleaned of any dirt and solid residue, are restored to their original shine, thanks to the powerful centrifugal action of the machine's Duplex brushes.


• The patented homing guidance base, with its grooved wheels, keeps the machine on track in the working position.
• Integral trolley
• Extractor included
• Detergent solution dispenser included
• Automatic electronic control of detergent dispensing.
• Available in 35 cm and 55 cm widths.




Duplex Escalator Combi

EscalatorCombiThe Duplex Escalator Combi's body is made in stainless steel, while its powerful extractor section is enclosed in a polypropylene housing.
All controls are electrical.
The machine's head features a stainless steel brush guard.
The Duplex Escalator Combi has a positioning brake which enables it to work unsupervised.
The head is fitted with a swing mount which makes it easy to switch the head around for cleaning the sides of the installation.


The Duplex Escalator Combi comes with a complete set of accessories:

• Integrated wheels for easy transport and use on site.
• Positioning brake for unsupervised operation.
• Detergent solution dispenser and extractor in a single housing.
• Emptying out fluid and solid dirt is easy with the machine's drain hose.
• Head inverting bracket: makes it easy to switch between working positions.
• Automated detergent solution dispensing and extraction.
• Regulated dispensing reduces waste to a minimum.
• Can be fitted with 35/55 cm heads.



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