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squeegee1Latest ergonomic handle design with quick release and no-slip grip for ultimate comfort.

pro system









Super System Handle Code 1640




pro brass

Master Solid Brass
The top of our professional line. Built to the precision tolerances you get with tempered, solid brass.
Perfect balance and weight.



pro brass3Brass Channels
description   code
(10) 25 cm   1127
(12) 30 cm   1131
(14) 35 cm   1135
(16) 40 cm   1140
(18) 45 cm   1144
(22) 55 cm   1152
End Clip       1253



pro brass2


Classic Brass Handle Code 1324
Built to the precision tolerances you get with tempered, solid brass, it features the perfect balance and weight. Uses brass clips to secure the rubber at both ends to avoid stretching and slipping. Robust and very long-lasting. 22" for the longer clean.






pro grip

This handle has an ergonomic design, no slip grip (making it easier on your hands), and quick release for extremely fast channel swapping.



pro grip3Stainless Steel Channels
description   code
(10) 25 cm   1225
(12) 30 cm   1229
(14) 35 cm   1233
(16) 40 cm   1237
(18) 45 cm   1241
(22) 55 cm   1248



pro grip2


Handle code 2610
Clipless channel with rubber. The bright annealed stainless steel has the advantage of lightness, strength and corrosion resistance. Available in 10", 12", 14", 16" and 18".







 super system

Super System TM Squeegee Handle
Ideal for high level windows above porches, garages and conservatories.
Fits only the Super System Channels.
Code: 13851





High Grade Aluminum Channel/Ettore Rubber

high grade

high grade2

high grade3

Ettore's extruded aluminum channels are ideal for extra length squeegees. The ridged profile reduces flex dramatically.






master rubber1

Ettore rubbers have a razor sharp square edge, supple, smooth, & consistent which leaves glass perfectly clean and streak free.




master rubber2

The Ettore Master Rubber comes from the inventor of the single blade squeegee, Ettore Steccone, Ettore takes pride in hand inspecting each blade before its shipped and has since 1936. Ettore's replacement rubber is arguably the best in the industry and is guaranteed to give flawless, streak free results.


description     code
(10) 25 cm     1407
(12) 30 cm     1412
(14) 35 cm     1417
(16) 40 cm     1422
(18) 45 cm     1427
(20) 50 cm     1432
(22) 55 cm     1438
(24) 60 cm     4988
(30) 75 cm     4989
(36) 90cm      1443





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