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heavy duty super

Item Code: 57110

• Double-edged blades; dull and razor sharp
• Perfect for removing tape, gum and grit from glass and other surfaces
• Angled head
• 4" and 6" head sizes



heavy duty super2The Ettore Scraper Replacement Blades are for the Ettore Heavy Duty Scraper. These blades are sharp on one side with a blunt edge on the other. They come in packs of 10.


Item Code: 20291






ettore champion

Item Code: 46312

• Double-edged Danish flexible steel blade
• Fits Ettore REA-C-H poles for high reach cleaning
• Angled head to reach in tightest corners
• 5" blade



ettore champion2


Item Code: 46322







Item Code: 4286

• Retractable blade for safety
• Uses standard single-edge blades




Item Code: 4518






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