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Description Gives a high gloss instant spray shine mostly on plastic surfaces

Application As a release/ant stick agent; used in plastic injection moulding, fibre glass moulding, footwear industry, ceramic ware production, rubber articles, oven shelves not in excess of 315°C. Lubrication uses; for most plastic and synthetic/natural rubber or plastic bearings, textile fibres etc.

Directions Hold can as near upright as possible, approximately 20cm from the surface. Spray lightly over surface to achieve the required level of finish. Repeat this operation as required. Do not spray directly onto hot surfaces.

480 ml can sprayer








SPEEDBALL power spray and wipe cleaner

The Original Power Cleaner

Heavy-Duty Spray Cleaner - Original - Conquers tough soils. Removes grease, oil encrusted soil, tire marks, ink, smoke, carbon film, graffiti, heel marks and more. Ready-to-use convenience.

750 ml bottle with spray trigger













T018GRAFITY REMOVER for plastic and polycarbonates     T018

Description New solvent blend which safely and effectively removes graffiti from plastic and polycarbonate surfaces without damage – will not cause blooming or the surface to turn opaque. Surfactant system allows a unique “wash off” rinse away property so preventing residue waste on the surface. Low viscosity ensures quicker and more effective surface penetration than traditional gels.

Application Advanced graffiti remover suitable for use against aerosol paint yet will not damage polycarbonate and plastics.

Directions Spray onto graffiti. Allow sufficient time to penetrate. Wash off with plenty of clean water. Do not allow neat product to dry on surface.

750 ml bottle with spray trigger





T070D-SOLVE GRAFFITI REMOVER for brick ,concrete and stone     T070

Description Powerful fast acting formula. Water soluble-simply wash off with water. Low viscosity ensures quick penetration. Low odour, no choking fumes.

Application Powerful graffiti remover suitable forremoving graffiti from brick, stone and concretes. Not suitable for use on plastics, paints and other solvent sensitive surfaces

Directions Spray onto graffiti. Allow sufficient time to penetrate. Wash off with plenty of clean water. Ensure surface is dry should re-application be necessary. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY

750 ml bottle with spray trigger





F119MAXIMA   industrial maintenance cleaner concentrate       F119

Description   Maximum strength industrial maintenance cleaner concentrate A powerful alkaline degreaser for stubborn grease and grime. Water soluble solvent penetrates even baked on soiling. Emulsifies oils and grease with ease. Superior soil suspension prevents soil redeposition, makes for easy rinsing.

Application A powerful alkaline degreaser equipped with a water soluble solvent to rapidly clean and degrease all types of surface not sensitive to water. Emulsifies oils and grease, loosens, lifts and suspends all manner of industrial soiling. Ideal for floors, walls, kitchens and food plant machinery. MAXIMA is free rinsing to leave all surfaces grease free.

Directions   Mop, spray, scrub or pressure wash. For general cleaning: dilute 1 part product up to 200 parts water. For heavy degreasing and cleaning: 1 part product up to 50 parts. Always rinse surfaces after cleaning.

5 Liter container







SELCLEN S Industrial maintenance cleaner concentrate     F014

Description Powerful cleaning action removes the heaviest industrial soil.Cuts through grease, oil and grime - ideal for engineering and plant cleaning.Controlled foam for scrubbing, wall washing and pressure washing. Highly concentrated and economical in use.

Application Selclen S is the ideal cleaner concentrate for: Transport, garages, service stations, haulage contractors, railways, dockyards, engineering industries, manufacturing plants, janitorial trade, local authorities etc.

Directions Mop, spray, scrub or pressure wash as necessary. Dilutions: 1 part to 10 parts hot water for heavy duty grease, fat and wax removal. 1 part to 50 parts hot or cold water for pressure washing. 1 part to 100 parts water for light duty cleaning, damp mopping etc. Always rinse off with clean water after cleaning to remove any residue. N.B. For Aluminum cleaning Selclen S must be diluted to 1-10 or above.

5 Liter container


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