base1Product Details

Service car "Ideabase 1", made by: plastic base with castors Ø 100, steel vertical frame with bag-holder and handle rilsan (cod. 21016), rubber ring, pail holding basket rilsan (cod. 1535/R), basket rilsan (cod. 1666/R), broom-holder with rubber (cod. 2255), broom-holder (cod. 8311/R) and 2x6 lt. buckets.
Optional: plastic lid (cod. 7031)

Trolley dimensions: 83x52x105 h




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plus25Product Details

Plastic service car, equipped with 1 15 or 25 lt. bucket, rilsan coated flat structure, "mini" plastic tray, rilsan coated bag-holder, 2 6 lt. buckets, broom holding side container (cod. 20060), handle holder (cod. 8311) and castors Ø 80.

Trolley dimensions:70x54x125h





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